The Batman Shooter Conspiracy

Ok… I am a bit confused by the whole “Batman Shooter Conspiracy” theory.  Correction – I am a bit confused about the reasons some people are citing as proof of a conspiracy.

I certainly don’t doubt the possibility of a conspiracy existing here.  Nor do I doubt our government’s willingness to create such a conspiracy in an attempt to use fear to convince the general public to hand over their Constitutional rights (it certainly wouldn’t be the first time).

The thing that I am hung up on… is questioning the mental faculties of whoever put together this cute little meme:


So… let’s just start by discussing the question raised in frame one.

First of all, before even getting into specifics about the ACTUAL photos – I just want to answer the surface question “How many people have one ear stick out that much more than the other ear?”  Frankly, A LOT of people do.  NO human being is symmetrical and it is actually very common to have one ear noticeably stick out more than the other.  That’s pretty much common knowledge.  I personally know several people whose ears don’t match.  I also know people whose feet are each a different shoe size.  I even know full grown adults who are less than 4 feet tall.  Shit, while we’re discussing human physical imperfections, I’ve even seen the skeletons of conjoined twins.

Why would you ask such an ignorant question in a meme where you are trying to convince people of a conspiracy?!  If YOU don’t know what you are talking about, what reason do other people have to even consider your ideas?  You just lost the majority of reasonable, educated people before you really even started; simply by asking that question.

Now, as far as the specifics about the ACTUAL photos… The photo on the left is taken at a straight on angle and for this reason the left and right ear look pretty close to a mirror image of each other.  However, in the photo on the right, the subject has their head turned slightly.  For this reason, the ears are NOT mirror images of each other.  That being the case, why would you expect the two different photos to match each other in a way the photo on the right doesn’t even match itself?

Ironically, the ear in the photo on the right is closer to being a mirror image to the ear from the photo on the left than it is to itself.  Oops!


As for the noses… the claim that they are “totally different” is a very bold one.  And the claim that the nose is “much longer and narrow on imposter” is totally untrue.  If we compare the BRIDGE of the noses, we will see they are identical.  If we compare the LENGTH of the noses, we will see they are a perfect match.  If we compare the TIPS of the noses, they are again spot on.  In fact, the ONLY difference we see between the noses is the amount of nostril flair.  And if you change the crop job on the nose comparison to exclude the nostrils… we suddenly have a totally different impression ENTIRELY.  They may as well be the same picture.  Oops, again!


Why then, you may ask, is the amount of nostril flair so different if these are really both pictures of the same person?

It’s a little thing called “facial expression”, and it plays an extremely strong roll in how we all look (that’s the reason why we sometimes hate certain pictures of ourselves yet love others).

In the first picture the subject has a VERY wide smile and in the second about as little facial expression as possible.  Since I don’t feel like using pictures of myself as an example on this blog, I am going to ask you to use yourself as the example.  Look at yourself in the mirror and, keeping your lips closed; smile wide (like in the photo on the left).  You will notice that your nostrils flair, your cheeks lift up, and your eyes squint.  Now drop ALL expression from your face (like in the photo on the right).  Shocking, isn’t it?  Oops, there goes your last point!

Are you still unconvinced?  Do you still need more examples?  How about this – how about we add a third picture to the equation.  One where James Holmes is posed somewhere in between the first two.  As it just so happens, his yearbook photo is just such a pose.  (And also happens to be a very easy picture to validate as the “real” James Holmes.)


Take note that he is smiling, but not as widely as in the first picture, and the amount of nostril flair falls in between the other two photos.  Also, his head is turned slightly in the picture and if you compare THIS ear to the ear in the picture on the right, they are now a perfect match.

It would be hard to find a photo more ideal to bridge the gaps, so to speak, between the picture on the left and the picture on the right.  If you cover the picture on the right with your hand, the picture on the left and the picture in the middle are OBVIOUSLY the same person.  And if you cover the picture on the left with your hand, you have the same result comparing the picture on the right and the picture in the middle.

And now, just for fun, try these on for size!

If we go back to the original two pictures and clip out the inner tips of the eyes and the bridge of the nose from the picture on the left and drop in on top of the picture on the right… OH SHIT, they line up perfectly!  And if we stack the chins on top of each other…WHOA, it looks like the same picture!!


Honesty, I am surprised whoever put that meme together didn’t question the fact that his hair was longer and dyed a different color.  I guess when it comes to that difference, whoever put this meme together was actually smart enough, *gasp*, to realize the picture on the left is NOT his mug shot and significant time elapsed in between when they were taken.

My point is… there may very well be a conspiracy going on here – who the hell knows?   I’m not going to even try to get into that one.  But if there IS a conspiracy, it has NOTHING to do with an “imposter” James Holmes.  And anyone who thinks otherwise is a JACKASS.


Inherent Fears.

Ever notice how many people are either scared of or grossed out by “bugs” and other “creepy crawlers”?  I mean, REALLY notice?  It’s almost overwhelming if you sit back and think about it.

Just the fact that these tiny (when compared to us) and relatively harmless organisms are CALLED “creepy crawlers” raises a lot of questions to me.  Horror movies and Halloween stores say it all.  The insects, the rats, the spiders, the snakes, the bats… overflow out of every corner.  And, without question, this is just accepted as normal.  It is so common that it seems like no one ever even bothers to ask “why”?  I bet most of the people reading this aren’t even beginning to ask “why”; they are rather mentally insulting *me* for doing so because it should be “obvious”.

When an insect or spider is seen, it is almost expected that at least one person will become extremely distressed by it and possibly even plead that someone else kill it for them.  Arachnophobia (the fear of spiders) is the number one most common phobia in the world.  It’s a cliché joke that a woman will jump up on a chair in hysterics if there is a “mouse in the house”.  Snakes are associated with the devil and a lot of people seem to genuinely believe that the entire species is “evil”.  When a human being is believed to be a bad person, we call them a “worm”, a “snake”, a “rat”, and so on.

It’s as if people forget that these are living creatures that play a vital role to our ecosystem, just like any other.   Instead they become “vermin”.  Many of them will even be inaccurately described as “parasites”.  And it’s not merely when these creatures are uninvited guests in our homes – it’s also when one is seen outside, on the television, in photographs, or even just talked about.

The extreme prejudice and hate is so strong that if someone comes along who does not share this viewpoint and say has a pet snake or collects bugs… people now think that person is “creepy”.  Does liking or even merely not hating a “creepy crawler” indicate there is something wrong with you?  Why?

Why is it “gross” if instead of squashing a bug with a newspaper, someone scooped it into their hands, carried it outside and let it go free?  It’s a fact that rats (as well as EVERY other animal) can carry disease… but what makes people think that domesticated PET rats do?  And why is it that someone can have a snake draped across their shoulders, content as can be, and people still expect that snake to lunge at them if they get too close?   And assurances that it’s not venomous or it doesn’t bite do nothing to make people more at ease in the company of the creatures.

I’ve asked myself hundreds of questions like these and tried to wrap my brain around it… since it’s not rational to be terrified of a creature that you are THOUSANDS of times stronger than… all I can conclude is that it’s biological.

See… 99% of insects are considered harmless to humans.  But that leaves 1% that is dangerous.  And aside from trial and error, there is really no way to tell the harmless ones from the dangerous ones.  Same thing with snakes, only 13% of them are venomous, but no living thing on earth just inherently knows which are and which aren’t… you have to learn it.

I speculate that the fear and unease that most people feel in the company of these creatures is actually a defense mechanism that has been genetically bread into human beings.  In the animal kingdom they call that “instinct”.

Of course, that theory does nothing to alleviate my annoyance when people give me a disgusted look and tell me I am “gross” for being one of those people who doesn’t share that viewpoint.  Instinct or not, I still expect human beings to activate the rational part of their brain when engaged in a conversation about the subject.

The Barbie Doll with a Hole in Her Head…

And now it’s time for…. bitching about random strangers on the internet!  Is it still mean and uncalled for if you don’t say it to them and you don’t say who it’s about?

Ooooooooookay… yeah.  You’re a liar.  And it took me less than a minute to catch you.

First of all, you are clearly not sensitive about your weight.  Anyone who was sensitive about their weight would not post HUNDREDS of pictures of themselves making sexy poses in skimpy outfits.  You LOVE your body and you LOVE to flaunt it.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  So, why pretend differently?

Are you fishing for compliments?   Do you thrive on people telling you how good looking you are?  Are you one of those people who only feel self worth if other people are envious of you and showering you with praise?  And is your need for this so great, that you are compelled to tell obvious lies and insult yourself to guilt people into obliging you?

Or is it an offensive move?  Have you had a lot of people accuse you of being anorexic and saying rude things like “eat a sandwich”?  Maybe you get accused of being conceited and narcissistic a lot?  Even called a slut or a whore and told to “put on some clothes”?  And you think you can stop their insults in their tracks by calling medical disorder and low self esteem about it?

Whatever your reason, you’re still being FAKE.  And THAT is what disgusts me, not your narcissism, outfits or body.

Second of all… you have an almost identical body type to someone I know, who is very thin (in my opinion, too thin).  Yet you are claiming to be an inch taller and more than 20 pounds lighter than this person.  That is impossible unless you surgically replaced all your bones with plastic.

Why lie about this?  If you were the height and weight you claim, you would be in a hospital bed and near death from malnourishment.  And there’s nothing sexy about that!

I guess the internet just makes it too easy for people to lie.  And most people seem to have an easy enough time lying without the added anonymity the internet provides.

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow….

I want to tell you a true story.  A story of something small and insignificant yet at the same time defied all odds and touched me in a way that I hope I never forget.

It happened about 3 years ago but somehow I never sat down to write about it until now.  I was sitting in a little pizza shop and engaged in random conversation about odds and ends.  I don’t remember how the topic of rainbows even came up, but I do remember going on a mini-rant about how stupid I thought it was that rainbows were always drawn as one huge arch that went across the entire sky and touched the ground at two places.  I am pretty sure I brought leprechauns and their pot of gold into the conversation.

My whole life, every rainbow I had ever seen was only half an arch that went from the middle of the sky to the ground.  I didn’t think the full arched rainbows existed, that they were just and urban myth.  I had never seen an actual photograph of one and I had never heard anyone I know say they had seen one either… until then.  One of the people I was with said that they had seen the full arched rainbows before.  That they were rare, but they did exist.

It made me curious and I intended to look it up online when I got home to see pictures of the miraculous sight.  But I didn’t have to.  As we walked out of the pizza shop, there one was.  It was glorious, taking up the entire visible portion of the sky and touching down in two places.  I was frozen looking at it.  I sort of felt like someone had just punched me in the chest.

What must the statistical odds be that the very first time I ever see this optical illusion in the sky would occur within minutes of that conversation?  They must be astronomical.  With those kinds of odds, how could it be mere coincidence?  I couldn’t help but feel like it was there just for me.  And it really made me wonder what was out there listening to me.

I am agnostic.  I do not believe in some sort of sentient, omnipotent god and actually find the concept of one completely absurd.  But I DO think there is something more out there than what science has proven so far.  And moments like this… make me wonder exactly what that something more might be

When are you doing what is right vs doing what you think is right?

There is a big difference between regretting what you said or did and feeling sad about the outcome that followed.  I get stuck in this trap often in my interpersonal relationships.

I try very hard to be true to myself and do and say what I think is the right thing.  Many times… it blows up in my face.  I think this is usually because I try to be logical and sincere in a world where people are seeking the appearance of comfort.

But I do not regret saying or doing what I thought at the time was right, I am just sad that things did not work out the way I wanted them to.  I refuse to allow the faults of others turn me into the kind of person who behaves in ways that in their heart they do not agree with.

In the same token, however, sometimes you have no concept of how the things you say and do may have affected another person until you find yourself in similar circumstances… and I have recently come face to face with that.

Being a parent also brings with it a new set of rules.  It’s not always about doing what is “right” but rather what is “right for your child”, even when it is at your expense.   And it can be near impossible to know what that is sometimes.  This is why parents fuck up a lot.

My own parents recently showed me that one of the worst feelings in the world is feeling betrayed and attacked by the person(s) whose job it is to always protect you and be there for you.  And it made me look at some of things I said and did to someone who it was MY job to always protect and be there for.  Things I thought were right at the time and things that were actually HARD for me to do.  Things I did that I thought were in this person’s best interest.  And for the first time…  I think I actually know how I may have inadvertently made them feel.  And for that, I am deeply sorry.

I never meant to make you feel like I wasn’t on your side.  I never meant to hurt you.  All I ever wanted was what was best for you and thought what I was doing was “tough love”.  But it didn’t end like I thought it would and you got hurt in the process.  I’ll try to do better next time.  I love you.

Who do you really mean to insult with that accusation?

I feel like I am caught in a whirlwind of accusations about my personal beliefs that to the majority of human beings seem to be intrinsically implied to go along with my disdain for Obama and my outrage at the Supreme Court’s ruling on the ACA.

It is particularly amazing to me all the assumptions that have been made about me and accusations thrown at me, not just from random strangers, but even my own friends and family members.  Joe keeps telling me that is why they say the two things you should never get into a conversation about are Religion and Politics… but I don’t think there is ANYTHING you shouldn’t get into a conversation about.

I am too honest a person and I feel uncomfortable with anything except “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”.  I don’t like to censor myself or sugarcoat things, so unless I am at work, where it is part of my job to censor myself, then I don’t.  If you are someone that I care about then it is safe to say that however you may have taken my words, I did not mean them to be hurtful.  You would KNOW it if I did.  I mean everything I say at complete face value – and the way I see it… if you can’t handle it, then you can’t handle me and that is your problem.  I am not going to feel bad about being honest because you assumed I was being dishonest and invented your own insults against yourself in my words.

But that is old news… I have been saying that for years.  How many friendships have dissolved because someone assumed I meant something horrible hidden within my blunt honesty?  I’ve lost count.  How many times have I turned myself into a hermit and stopped attempting human interaction for the purposes of being social?  Just as many.  The only thing that is new is what I am being accused of….

First of all, I have NEVER had an “I got mine so FUCK YOU!” attitude.  I do not support spending our tax dollars for needless wars or forcing our way of life down other people’s throats.  I have not been hit with the broad side of the Republican bus – I still hate the Republican Party (and George Dubya) just as much as I always did.  The only difference in my political views in recent years is that now I hate the Democrat Party (which I ALSO always hated) even MORE.  I continue to be WAY too opinionated to EVER get brainwashed or have the wool pulled over my eyes. “Conservative” is the last word I would EVER expect someone to use to describe me (and yes, I mean politically and not just personally).  And I definitely DO NOT want to live in another country, as even with all my complaints, this is STILL the best country in the world to live in – I just complain so much because I want it to STAY that way.

I WANTED Obama in office last election – I want him OUT now purely because of all the ways he failed us.  I HATE Romney but I will probably vote for him anyway.  If he is elected, I will probably have many complaints about him and be desperate for someone new by the following election… but at least he will be someone new and a CHANCE for something better.  And at least he will STOP a lot of the things that I am currently protesting.  Sure, he’ll probably come up with new things for me to protest – but that’s why I won’t vote for him twice.

I am not Right Wing. I am not Left Wing.  Almost all of my political opinions come down to one thing: FREEDOM.  And each side of the fence seems to have decided that only certain freedoms matter, and I want them ALL!

I think that every adult who is of sound mind should be able to live their life in whatever manner they chose, so long as the only person they hurt by their foolish actions is themselves.  The government needs to learn to stay the hell out of people’s private affairs.  They should only get involved to keep everyone safe when it comes to how we interact with each other.

I am a HUGE supporter of gay rights but I think gay “pride” is offensive (not because homosexuality is offensive but because pride in ones sexuality, no matter what the orientation, is).  I think people should be able to have a government union with ANYONE they choose but that Churches (and other private institutions) should be able to refuse unions for any reason they want.  Which is why I think they best answer is that EVERYONE gets Civil Union’s instead and let Marriages be strictly religious.  Separation of Church and State.

I am pro choice but very strongly think that people who are against abortion SHOULD NOT HAVE THEM!  I don’t think the whole “is it or isn’t it a life” argument is even relevant in that conversation because regardless of the answer, it is a parasite of the mother.  Until it reaches the point of development that it could sustain life outside of her then any life it may have is HERS – therefore it can ONLY be her decision.

I am dumbfounded that there are people who are against stem cell research… Particularly because the only argument against it is the abortion argument and no fetuses are “murdered” when conducting stem cell research but millions of lives can be improved and/or saved.

I am OUTRAGED that marijuana, a naturally growing plant, is illegal.  Personally – I do not smoke it and I dislike a large portion of the population that chooses to.  And even though I am agnostic, I think the government may as well be waving a banner that says “God was wrong when he created marijuana” and that religious people especially should be protesting it.  I blame the majority of crime in our country on our government’s decision to create “illegal drugs” because even if you disregard all the non-violent drug related crime that instantly disappears simply by making it legal – there is also an entire underworld of crime that is devoted to obtaining and selling the drugs and a long line of people suffering from addiction committing serious crimes to be able to get their hands on them.  Not to mention all the people who are hurt from people selling fake drugs and drugs laced with other drugs that could have been kept safe from harm had the government just made it legal and properly regulated it.

I will not move my car unless all passengers are wearing their seatbelt – and I will bug any drivers/passengers in a car I am riding in about it as well.  But I don’t think that is the government’s business IN THE SLIGHTEST and I want all seatbelt and helmet law’s repealed.  My outrage at the fact that it is a law is so great that at times it almost overrides my personal feelings that everyone SHOULD wear their seatbelts and makes me want to leave mine off in civil disobedience.  Thankfully I care more about my safety than making a point that no one would ever hear and continue to use my best judgment.

I am a member of the NRA and I feel that almost all gun control laws should be repealed as they are un-Constitutional.  I feel even stronger that in their place the government needs to make a federal gun license that involves a safety class and a written and practice test.  We recognize that motor vehicles can be a huge risk to the safety of the individual operating them and anyone around them, but we’ll put a gun in the hands of people who don’t even know how to load them?  Instead of making SAFE OPERATION of guns by law abiding citizens their concern, most politicians seem to think its better that only criminals should have access to them…  all that does is leave the law abiding citizens open to 2 lines of fire; the criminals and their own.

It is true that years ago I used to be VERY strongly PRO universal healthcare.  So what, may you ask, changed my mind?  Well, despite what you may think – my difference in opinion has NOTHING to do with Obama.  The truth is, my mind was changed after I made the mistake of telling a friend of mine who lived in Canada how jealous I was and how much better they had it for having universal healthcare.  That statement was not greeted receptively and I was soon overwhelmed to learn what it was like IN PRACTISE.  And after doing more research and talking to more people in other countries that have it, I can say with certainty that WE are the ones who have it better.  I still LOVE the theory – but until someone comes up with a miracle idea that will fix its flaws, then we are much better off with the less-flawed (but still flawed) system we currently have.

And this is where I get attacked and accused of only thinking that because I personally have health insurance – which people say without having any way of knowing the legitimacy of that statement or bothering to ask, they just ASSUME it.  And the fact that they happen to have guessed correctly doesn’t nullify the fact that it was a guess stated as a fact and it doesn’t make any of their other guesses about me correct.

It’s important to look at the bigger picture or all you will ever see are the flaws (just like a painting).  And while there are A LOT of flaws (that I think ALL of us would like to see be improved upon) – the U.S. has the BEST and MOST AVAILABLE health care in the WORLD.

Right now in this country – NO ONE will ever be denied medical treatment, regardless of if they have the means to pay for it.  That means that we ALL have health care.  The problem in our system presents itself when people are unable to pay the bill for the care that they just received.  Luckily, the vast majority of US citizens have some form of health insurance to help them out.

The poor and the disadvantaged are even offered completely free medical treatment thanks to the tax dollars that we all CURRENTLY pay towards Welfare.  So stop telling me stories about how you would gladly pay X amount more this year to save a homeless man’s life – because YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN DOING THAT!

And nearly everyone from the lower-middle class and up has private health insurance either at a discounted rate through their job or that they pay entirely out of pocket that allows them to not just HAVE health care, but have HIGH QUALITY health care.

There is only a very small group of people who are left with no such safety net – most often it is the people in their early 20s who are just out of school and lost insurance through their parents and have not yet obtained a job where they can get or afford such benefits.  Thankfully most of these people will only be in that situation for a few years because with hard work, dedication, and smart choices they all have the ABILITY to get anything they want in this world.

Other people in this boat tend to be people who had a good job and health insurance and lost it during this time of economic depression.  They took a bad blow… and they may be struggling right now, but they will pick themselves back up.  And if they happen to have been tragically hit with illness or injury during this time that is preventing them from doing so, there are plenty of both government and private funded solutions available to help them.

Beyond that… tends to be the lazy fucks that just chose to never get off their parent’s couch and be an adult.  These are the people who most often lash out at me for my views.

It is fascinating to me how they laziest pieces of garbage who don’t have a lot simply because they chose not to work for anything are the first people to cry and scream that the people who bust their asses every day should be providing for them.  They tend to go on and on about how selfish those of us who work hard to provide a good life for ourselves and our families are being SELFISH for not wanting to pay for THEIR health insurance.  Then they go on and on about all the things they would GLADLY pay for other people… yet I don’t see any of them paying ANYTHING they don’t have to for anyone else.

Have you EVER spent money on yourself for something that was not a necessity?  If you happen to live in Pennsylvania, you can tell really easily… look at your receipt.   Did you pay sales tax?  If so, then it was not necessary for your survival in this world and that is money that you COULD have been using to help all those suffering people you were just guilting me about.

Money that you instead spent on the computer you are typing on, the cell phone in your pocket, the video game system you can’t pull yourself away from, all that prepared food that you spend more money on than you have to because it is easier than going to the grocery store and cooking it yourself – I could go on and on.

Not to mention that I haven’t seen you even volunteering up something FREE, like you TIME.  When was the last time you volunteered at a soup kitchen?  Comforted the sick in a hospital?  Read to the elderly in a retirement home?  Shit, when was the last time you even bothered to offer to help shovel snow for the lady who lives across the street or simply stopped to see if the kid who just fell off his bike is ok?

It seems to me, that the only reason you care so much about socialized healthcare is because YOU don’t want to get off your ass and get a real job and pay for it for yourself – it has NOTHING to do with your deep-rooted belief system about helping others.

Because of capitalism and yes, corporate greed, we have the most advanced treatment options available for most illnesses and injuries.  Is it disgusting that greed is the driving force?  Yes.  But we are humans, and greed and the desire to outdo one another is what makes us function at our full potential.  All of our best traits are also our worst traits.

If we make this change our health care system – we will go from the majority having top notch medical treatment being readily available… to everyone having shitty medical treatment being almost impossible to get and the beginning of the end of our personal freedoms being stolen from us.  Who is that really helping?  And who is that hurting?  Call me any name you want, but I think the needs of the many out way the needs of the few.  So… who is REALLY being selfish here?

Hello world!

Sometimes the anonymity of the internet can be your best friend…  I wonder if this will be one of those times.

Hello wordpress, my name is Zuma.  It’s short for Montezuma’s Revenge – which is itself a cute nickname for the bacterial illness that is most known for causing diarrhea to foreign visitors of Mexico who don’t take the signs that say “Do not drink the water” seriously.

They call it that because Montezuma is the more “Americanized” spelling of “Moctezuma II” – the Emperor of Mexico back in the 1500’s when the Spanish began their conquest of the Aztec Empire.  It is said that this illness is the local gods’ way of getting even with the ancestors of the countries that overtook their land and forced their followers into worshipping Christ.

It is most commonly caused by E. coli bacterium in the water, though is not limited to that bacterium, and is characterized by abdominal cramping and frequent loose stool as well as nausea, vomiting, bloating, low fever, urgency, and malaise.

I just thought it was fitting as, from the reactions I keep getting, people put my words about on par with that.