Hello world!

Sometimes the anonymity of the internet can be your best friend…  I wonder if this will be one of those times.

Hello wordpress, my name is Zuma.  It’s short for Montezuma’s Revenge – which is itself a cute nickname for the bacterial illness that is most known for causing diarrhea to foreign visitors of Mexico who don’t take the signs that say “Do not drink the water” seriously.

They call it that because Montezuma is the more “Americanized” spelling of “Moctezuma II” – the Emperor of Mexico back in the 1500’s when the Spanish began their conquest of the Aztec Empire.  It is said that this illness is the local gods’ way of getting even with the ancestors of the countries that overtook their land and forced their followers into worshipping Christ.

It is most commonly caused by E. coli bacterium in the water, though is not limited to that bacterium, and is characterized by abdominal cramping and frequent loose stool as well as nausea, vomiting, bloating, low fever, urgency, and malaise.

I just thought it was fitting as, from the reactions I keep getting, people put my words about on par with that.


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