The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow….

I want to tell you a true story.  A story of something small and insignificant yet at the same time defied all odds and touched me in a way that I hope I never forget.

It happened about 3 years ago but somehow I never sat down to write about it until now.  I was sitting in a little pizza shop and engaged in random conversation about odds and ends.  I don’t remember how the topic of rainbows even came up, but I do remember going on a mini-rant about how stupid I thought it was that rainbows were always drawn as one huge arch that went across the entire sky and touched the ground at two places.  I am pretty sure I brought leprechauns and their pot of gold into the conversation.

My whole life, every rainbow I had ever seen was only half an arch that went from the middle of the sky to the ground.  I didn’t think the full arched rainbows existed, that they were just and urban myth.  I had never seen an actual photograph of one and I had never heard anyone I know say they had seen one either… until then.  One of the people I was with said that they had seen the full arched rainbows before.  That they were rare, but they did exist.

It made me curious and I intended to look it up online when I got home to see pictures of the miraculous sight.  But I didn’t have to.  As we walked out of the pizza shop, there one was.  It was glorious, taking up the entire visible portion of the sky and touching down in two places.  I was frozen looking at it.  I sort of felt like someone had just punched me in the chest.

What must the statistical odds be that the very first time I ever see this optical illusion in the sky would occur within minutes of that conversation?  They must be astronomical.  With those kinds of odds, how could it be mere coincidence?  I couldn’t help but feel like it was there just for me.  And it really made me wonder what was out there listening to me.

I am agnostic.  I do not believe in some sort of sentient, omnipotent god and actually find the concept of one completely absurd.  But I DO think there is something more out there than what science has proven so far.  And moments like this… make me wonder exactly what that something more might be


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