The Barbie Doll with a Hole in Her Head…

And now it’s time for…. bitching about random strangers on the internet!  Is it still mean and uncalled for if you don’t say it to them and you don’t say who it’s about?

Ooooooooookay… yeah.  You’re a liar.  And it took me less than a minute to catch you.

First of all, you are clearly not sensitive about your weight.  Anyone who was sensitive about their weight would not post HUNDREDS of pictures of themselves making sexy poses in skimpy outfits.  You LOVE your body and you LOVE to flaunt it.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  So, why pretend differently?

Are you fishing for compliments?   Do you thrive on people telling you how good looking you are?  Are you one of those people who only feel self worth if other people are envious of you and showering you with praise?  And is your need for this so great, that you are compelled to tell obvious lies and insult yourself to guilt people into obliging you?

Or is it an offensive move?  Have you had a lot of people accuse you of being anorexic and saying rude things like “eat a sandwich”?  Maybe you get accused of being conceited and narcissistic a lot?  Even called a slut or a whore and told to “put on some clothes”?  And you think you can stop their insults in their tracks by calling medical disorder and low self esteem about it?

Whatever your reason, you’re still being FAKE.  And THAT is what disgusts me, not your narcissism, outfits or body.

Second of all… you have an almost identical body type to someone I know, who is very thin (in my opinion, too thin).  Yet you are claiming to be an inch taller and more than 20 pounds lighter than this person.  That is impossible unless you surgically replaced all your bones with plastic.

Why lie about this?  If you were the height and weight you claim, you would be in a hospital bed and near death from malnourishment.  And there’s nothing sexy about that!

I guess the internet just makes it too easy for people to lie.  And most people seem to have an easy enough time lying without the added anonymity the internet provides.


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