The Batman Shooter Conspiracy

Ok… I am a bit confused by the whole “Batman Shooter Conspiracy” theory.  Correction – I am a bit confused about the reasons some people are citing as proof of a conspiracy.

I certainly don’t doubt the possibility of a conspiracy existing here.  Nor do I doubt our government’s willingness to create such a conspiracy in an attempt to use fear to convince the general public to hand over their Constitutional rights (it certainly wouldn’t be the first time).

The thing that I am hung up on… is questioning the mental faculties of whoever put together this cute little meme:


So… let’s just start by discussing the question raised in frame one.

First of all, before even getting into specifics about the ACTUAL photos – I just want to answer the surface question “How many people have one ear stick out that much more than the other ear?”  Frankly, A LOT of people do.  NO human being is symmetrical and it is actually very common to have one ear noticeably stick out more than the other.  That’s pretty much common knowledge.  I personally know several people whose ears don’t match.  I also know people whose feet are each a different shoe size.  I even know full grown adults who are less than 4 feet tall.  Shit, while we’re discussing human physical imperfections, I’ve even seen the skeletons of conjoined twins.

Why would you ask such an ignorant question in a meme where you are trying to convince people of a conspiracy?!  If YOU don’t know what you are talking about, what reason do other people have to even consider your ideas?  You just lost the majority of reasonable, educated people before you really even started; simply by asking that question.

Now, as far as the specifics about the ACTUAL photos… The photo on the left is taken at a straight on angle and for this reason the left and right ear look pretty close to a mirror image of each other.  However, in the photo on the right, the subject has their head turned slightly.  For this reason, the ears are NOT mirror images of each other.  That being the case, why would you expect the two different photos to match each other in a way the photo on the right doesn’t even match itself?

Ironically, the ear in the photo on the right is closer to being a mirror image to the ear from the photo on the left than it is to itself.  Oops!


As for the noses… the claim that they are “totally different” is a very bold one.  And the claim that the nose is “much longer and narrow on imposter” is totally untrue.  If we compare the BRIDGE of the noses, we will see they are identical.  If we compare the LENGTH of the noses, we will see they are a perfect match.  If we compare the TIPS of the noses, they are again spot on.  In fact, the ONLY difference we see between the noses is the amount of nostril flair.  And if you change the crop job on the nose comparison to exclude the nostrils… we suddenly have a totally different impression ENTIRELY.  They may as well be the same picture.  Oops, again!


Why then, you may ask, is the amount of nostril flair so different if these are really both pictures of the same person?

It’s a little thing called “facial expression”, and it plays an extremely strong roll in how we all look (that’s the reason why we sometimes hate certain pictures of ourselves yet love others).

In the first picture the subject has a VERY wide smile and in the second about as little facial expression as possible.  Since I don’t feel like using pictures of myself as an example on this blog, I am going to ask you to use yourself as the example.  Look at yourself in the mirror and, keeping your lips closed; smile wide (like in the photo on the left).  You will notice that your nostrils flair, your cheeks lift up, and your eyes squint.  Now drop ALL expression from your face (like in the photo on the right).  Shocking, isn’t it?  Oops, there goes your last point!

Are you still unconvinced?  Do you still need more examples?  How about this – how about we add a third picture to the equation.  One where James Holmes is posed somewhere in between the first two.  As it just so happens, his yearbook photo is just such a pose.  (And also happens to be a very easy picture to validate as the “real” James Holmes.)


Take note that he is smiling, but not as widely as in the first picture, and the amount of nostril flair falls in between the other two photos.  Also, his head is turned slightly in the picture and if you compare THIS ear to the ear in the picture on the right, they are now a perfect match.

It would be hard to find a photo more ideal to bridge the gaps, so to speak, between the picture on the left and the picture on the right.  If you cover the picture on the right with your hand, the picture on the left and the picture in the middle are OBVIOUSLY the same person.  And if you cover the picture on the left with your hand, you have the same result comparing the picture on the right and the picture in the middle.

And now, just for fun, try these on for size!

If we go back to the original two pictures and clip out the inner tips of the eyes and the bridge of the nose from the picture on the left and drop in on top of the picture on the right… OH SHIT, they line up perfectly!  And if we stack the chins on top of each other…WHOA, it looks like the same picture!!


Honesty, I am surprised whoever put that meme together didn’t question the fact that his hair was longer and dyed a different color.  I guess when it comes to that difference, whoever put this meme together was actually smart enough, *gasp*, to realize the picture on the left is NOT his mug shot and significant time elapsed in between when they were taken.

My point is… there may very well be a conspiracy going on here – who the hell knows?   I’m not going to even try to get into that one.  But if there IS a conspiracy, it has NOTHING to do with an “imposter” James Holmes.  And anyone who thinks otherwise is a JACKASS.


2 thoughts on “The Batman Shooter Conspiracy

  1. […] 16:41:39 Source: The Batman Shooter Conspiracy […]

    • zumasrevenge says:

      The purpose of your comment completely eludes me… as the link you have posted does not contain any further information to open up a debate; it merely states the exact same information that I very thoroughly just debunked.

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