Joy to WHO?

I had a very profound thought the other day while listening to that song “Joy to the World (Jeremiah was a Bullfrog)” by Three Dog Night.

I was a bit over-emotional due to some recent tragedies in the world of my fish tank.  I recently added a Small Rubbernose Pleco to the miniature eco-system on the “expert” advice of a pet store employee that he was a vegetarian and was safe to be housed with my tetras.  I am really not sure if I was given poor advice or if I just found an ill-tempered sociopath.  Either way, he viciously caused the death of at least 3 fish by biting their fins off.  The deaths were all slow and painful and left the fish handicapped but still kicking for weeks, during which time they were at his mercy to be attacked again and again.

I had just discovered the brutal maiming of my favorite fish moments after it happened, while there was still blood in the water… and a few minutes later that song came on the radio.  And it REALLY got me to thinking when the singer got to the part about “joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea”… That the bigger fish’s joy is often eating the littler fish; and that is not so joyful to the little fish.

And it occurred to me that the amount of good that exists in this world is in direct proportion to the amount of bad.

Without those bad things to compare them to, it doesn’t matter how “good” something would be considered by our imperfect world’s standards… in that “perfect” world they would only be considered neutral.

Without bad, there can be no good.  Without horrible, there can be no wonderful.

So the answer to that age old question “Why does God let bad things happen?”  It is so that GOOD things can happen.

(Mind you, I am agnostic.  But this new perspective is transferable to life as a whole.  I mean, as far as my fish are concerned, *I* am God.  And I am letting bad things happen to them by not striking down the pleco.)